Cohunu Koala Park

January 01, 2017

Our first day down under, still jetlagged and not yet used to 30°C + we went to Cohunu Koala Park in Byford. It was a bit challenging to get there by public transport but thanks to google maps and a friendly bus driver we managed to get there. The kangaroos were all relaxing in the shade but the wallaby's were up for some popcorn! Of course the main reason to come here was to cuddle a fluffy koala. Alby was a real gentleman when I held him. I really enjoyed cuddling him while he was nibbling on his eucalyptus leaves. Nope he didn't pee on me.😅 Good boy! The park could use some upgrades but if cuddling a koala is high on your bucketlist I definitely recommend. You have to pay an extra 30$ but they really give you some time to hold one and take some pictures. Alby made my day! 💗

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