Wimbledon QF

July 06, 2016

Roger Federer - Marin Cilic 6-7 4-6 6-3 7-6 6-3
Even though I didn't expect an easy match, I didn't expect THIS much drama. It was actually hard to know what to expect. On a good day I would be 99% certain Roger would make it but we all know that Roger hasn't been at 100% since his knee surgery yet. I didn't dare to expect too much and I went to Wimbledon telling myself I should be happy if he made the second week and we could watch some good tennis. Clearly these thoughts were long gone and forgotten somewhere on the way to quarters. There was no way I wanted to see Roger lose, not today, not against Cilic and not on his precious turf in SW19. I was once again happy to sit together with some like-minded 'RFfamily' which makes the tougher battles always more bearable.
After losing the first 2 sets I felt totally numb. I could barely move or breathe but didn't want to believe it was over. On 3-3 0-40 for Cilic in the 3rd I simply couldn't watch anymore. I buried my head in my hands and listened to the roaring of the crowds, almost in tears. He survived, broke, took the 3rd set and we were all fistpumping like Ivanovic. More drama in the 4th set. A tiebreak with 3 matchpoints for Cilic but luckily another great escape for Roger. When Roger took the tiebreak I could finally breathe again. Of course there was still a 5th set to play but I was confident that our champion would make it into his 11th wimbledon semi.
The dream of 18 is still alive. BEL18VE and never, ever write him off.

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